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The context of education is changing. Today, students can be located anywhere – e.g. in a remote classroom or at home – so they need remote access to the school or training facility. However, engagement and collaboration possibilities remain essential. In order to deliver the on-campus experience to the remote students and teachers, Barco developed its Collaborative Learning Platform. It includes a range of connectivity, interactivity and information exchange tools, designed for students who have grown up with mobile technology, and provides teachers a new palette of tools with which to create their preferred teaching methods.

BYOD taken seriously

Barco’s Collaborative Learning Platform allows the users to enjoy the comfort of their own devices. Not only to share pixels on screens – but also to collaborate and interact. They can do this in traditional classrooms, active learning spaces – environments that allow groups of students to work together –, virtual classrooms and other rooms on the campus. For example, students can interact with the teacher using their tablets or smartphones, the teacher can issue a poll or a quiz to get feedback, remote students can pose a question by virtual hand raising, … The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Ease of use is a cornerstone of the platform. Teachers want to focus on teaching, not on using the technology. The Barco Collaborative Learning Platform provides technology support for learning and teaching with the lowest learning curve for teachers and students alike. The teacher’s user interface is an example of making a lecture in an active learning room a simple experience.


For teachers For students For facility managers
• Same user experience in all rooms, no need to learn custom interfaces • Share content with the class using simple apps

• Full BYOD strategy

• Simple user interface with full preview of all sources and displays, no mysterious buttons

• Ask the teacher silent questions

• Total integration into campus networks and EduRoam

• Control through content moderation, teachers are in control

• Give feedback by answering polls and quizzes

• Standardized workflow and interfaces across all rooms

• Run the control interface on any device

• Grab screenshots from the displays, make annotations and save your class notes

• Reduced support activities thanks to minimal amount of equipment in the classroom
• Any content easy to present, simple wireless display connectivity for all devices

• Cloud-based or on-premise network services

• New interaction capabilities to pull all students into the lecture


• Inherent room overflow support

• New teaching methods possible


• Remote control for support activities

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Collaborative learning solutions for higher education

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